If I Pay $97 for Your Product, It Should Work


So here’s the story. About a month ago, Altera Web was hired by a professional pianist to create a website where the user can sign up for online piano lessons. We knew we wanted to build the site in WordPress but we also knew that we needed a reliable, awesome WordPress membership plugin.

After what we thought was a lot of due diligence, we decided on WishList Member, which cost $97.

I’m a big believer that for most “free” items, you get what you pay for, so I am more than happy to pony up some dough, with the assumption that you get a rocking product in return, along with great customer service.

Now the site was pretty basic (not dull mind you…but not too complex): three membership levels and the only payment option we’d be offering would be PayPal.

I cannot begin to tell you how complex WishList Member was to implement. Way too many settings, many of which seemed to both repeat and contradict themselves at the same time. And their support consisted of videos (in no order whatsoever), PDFs (sketchy in detail and based on an old version of PayPal), and a Support Forum.

But after two day…TWO DAYS…we finally completed the implementation. We ran it thru testing. It connected to PayPal. It processed the payment. But the redirect back to our website would not work.

I looked up the issue online and it seems it’s been a problem for a LONG TIME. I reached out to customer service who had me do a few things, all to no avail.

If Apple has taught us one thing, it’s this: simple is better. It’s all about making your product easy to use. I should have known once I started playing with the plugin that it wouldn’t go well. It was just too complex.

To their credit, they refunded my money but the project is now a few days behind schedule as we try to implement a new solution.

Believe it or not, we found a free plugin. Yes, I know what I said above. But this came very highly reviewed. It’s call S2Member.

It was a piece of cake to implement.

Will it work like it’s supposed to?

I’ll let you know in a few days when we go live.