Building a Customized PDF Product Catalog

In 2014, we landed a very exciting project. The company was one of the largest food packaging companies in the world and they needed their website rebuilt.

As part of the rebuild, they requested a very interesting feature. They wanted their customers to be able to come online, search through their 500+ products and then create a PDF catalog of the products that were selected. Previously, the customer could only download their full catalog. But what if they were only interested in bowls or glassware or silverware?

That’s where we came in. At Altera Web, we love nothing more than a challenge and if I don’t say so myself, we absolutely nailed it.

Step 1: Customer comes to site and using multiple filters we set up, selects the products and categories they are interested in.

customized PDF

Step 2: Customer adds desired products to catalog.

how to customize a pdf catalog

Step 3: Customer reviews the catalog items before printing.

woocommerce customized catalog

Step 4: Customer adds their company name and creates the catalog. A PDF is created. Everyone lives happily ever after.

Click here to view an example of the customized PDF catalog.

This is a win-win for everybody. The customer has a beautiful catalog and the client hopefully has happy customer and increased sales.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.