Stop Chasing SEO


If I was the owner an SEO agency and that’s all we did, I’d be nervous right now.

Very, very nervous.


Because while there are certainly still “SEO best¬†practices” to follow, the industry is changing.

Where once SEO was dictated by optimizing on site and generating links off site, it’s slowly becoming so much more about content and social media.

And I think those two items are much better handled in-house.

There is nothing worse than an outside agency Tweeting for a client.

Social media is all about personal connection.

How can you achieve that when you outsource it??

Not only that, but Google changes their algorithm on average of ONCE PER DAY.

Can you imagine that? Once per day.

And naturally, nobody outside of Google knows what those changes are.

You see my point here.

You’re chasing a ghost.

And you could be spending a lot money and getting very little in return.

So yes, SEO is still very important and there are specific things you can and should do to increase your chances of coming up high in the search engines.

And yes, Altera Web would be happy to help you with this.

But be judicial in where you put your SEO money.

You’re welcome ūüôā

How to Get Into the Search Engines

how to get into google

Everybody wants to get in the search engines.

And there are thousands of “SEO Experts” out there that will tell you they have the “secret” to get on page one of Google.

You want to know the secret? There is no secret.

So how do you get in the search engines?

Slow and steady wins the race.

Take a look at the above chart, which shows the amount of traffic coming from Google over the course of a year+ for a client of ours.

This is the exact progress you want to see.

Did we do an intense link-building campaign? We did not.

Did we stuff the website with keywords? We did not.

Did we use any questionable SEO techniques whatsoever? We did not.

So what did we do?

We made sure the client had great content and that they shared that content across social network platforms.

Sure…we also used best practices for on-site optimization.

But for the most part, we focused on content that the site visitors would want to read.

We built a site for people, not for machines.

This is the future of getting in the search engines.

Slow and steady wins the race.

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We are proud to bring you our latest client’s website:

Working closely with our client, we created a website that targeted specifically the market he needed to reach.

If you click through the site, you will notice it is built for both the audience and the search engines. It’s a tough balance to strike, but we feel we reached it perfectly.

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How to Solve Google

how to solve google
Patience and persistence.

Clients always call us and ask how they can get on page one for Google as quickly as possible. And we tell them straight up…we can get you rankings and we will increase your traffic, but there are no shortcuts. There are no magic bullets.

And anybody who tells you differently is just looking to take your money.

There are scores of items that affect how you will rank in Google. And our search engine optimization program handles them all. But be prepared to be patient. It is a challenging process that takes time.

Here are some of the tasks we partake in:

  • Competive Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Site Assessment/Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Blogging
  • Tracking and Reporting

All of these items are imperative for a successful SEO program. Please contact us to learn more.

7 Reasons Why SEO is So Hard

why is seo so hard

SEO is difficult. I don’t think that’s any big secret.

But why? Why is SEO so hard?

Why can’t there just be a to-do list that you follow which will result in higher rankings?

Well…let us count the ways:

  1. Nobody knows how the search engines work. Their algorithms are completely unknown, so unless you are a Google Engineer (and if you are…let’s talk), there are no set standards to follow.
  2. Lots and lots of people are doing what you’re doing. Many people ignore SEO or get it completely wrong. But many more people get it right. And these people are your competition. So even if you do great SEO, somebody else could be doing it better.
  3. The algorithms frequently change. So not only do you really not know how the SEO algorithms work, just when you may have figured some things out, they change. You can be on page one today and page nowhere tomorrow.
  4. They are built to reward the best. For the most part, those companies that put in the greater effort get rewarded with higher rankings. And that’s exactly the way it should be.
  5. There are no magic bullets. There are over one hundred different SEO items that need to be tackled as part of an SEO program. And while some have greater weight than others, there is no ONE thing that will help you.
  6. It’s time consuming. Our SEO Program is a six month program. A lot of people try for a few months, don’t get the results they want and give up. You must be patient and persistent.
  7. It takes a lot of different skill sets. Effective SEO means your site must have a good design; it must be well written; it must be coded properly; it must be organized efficiently; it must be linked to from other sites.

SEO is achievable. Your can get on page one.

But only the strong survive.