Though visual appeal is nearly always influenced to some degree by personal preference, common sense plays a large role in effective web design. Keep things simple…easy to use, maintain and navigate, and follow some basic guidelines and your website will shine.
philadelphia web design

  • The purpose of the site must be immediately clear.
  • Keep the page layout, navigation and use of color, fonts and imagery consistent throughout the website.
  • Only use a moderate number of colors. A distracted user will not stay long.
  • Make sure the design is appropriate for your audience.
  • Design it so the user’s eyes are directed to the content or important page elements.
  • Place the navigation in the same location on all pages.
  • Clearly label links and make their destination obvious.
  • Do not make your website visitor look too hard for information. Make it easy for them and they will return.
  • No spelling, grammar or typos at all!
  • Use heading, short sentences, short paragraphs, and bulleted lists so the content can be easily scanned.
  • Overall web design goals: simple, clear, consistent, appealing and usable.

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