Jennifer Esposito, Actress and Celiac Advocate
“I LOVED working with Scott and his team at Altera Web. In addition to creating my personal site at, Altera Web also built my Bakery site at My technical ability is minimum to say the very least. Both sites are not only easy for me to use but they are easy for the customer to navigate and more important…purchase. Even after both sites were built, Scott is always a phone call away to answer any questions I may have. I would use Altera Web again and again. Just wonderful.”

David Zaritsky, Craftsmanship
“There are strategic people in this world, and then there are people that have strategy as their very DNA. Scott is a rare breed of both! Working with Scott and his team in building our Craftsmanship website, we had the emotional state we wanted with the functional aspects but what we lacked was the ability to strategically align it to our customers. Always mindful of what the goals of Craftsmanship were, Scott was able to successfully navigate the large behemoth called web development while at the same time making sure the experience was impactful and memorable.

Scott was also a beacon in the dark, and before you think this is getting too poetic, I don’t think this is too strong an analogy. Imagine embarking in new territory from a website perspective especially in the often confusing and riddled world of retail. Now imagine someone who was not only able to guide a group of people through those murky waters, but help his vendor partners grow to new heights by pushing them to PUSH the envelope. That is Scott Hayes – Leader, Strategist, Beacon.”

Melissa Harris-Perry, Wake Forest University Professor and host of MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry”
“Altera Web has been a critically important partner for me. Scott’s company has overseen the initial design and subsequent redesigns of my personal website, of my academic websites at both Princeton University and Tulane University, and of all aspects of my graphic identity. Altera Web has provided invaluable services in offering me a consistent, professional, and instantly recognizable brand. The work is of the highest quality and I receive constant, unsolicited praise for their work. Scott has also shown a real personal interest and deep professional insights into my career goals. He has helped me to devise ways to communicate with my various audiences and has encouraged me to think outside the box in my digital efforts. I credit the professional, prompt, and deeply engaged work of Altera Web with supporting and promoting the incredible professional success I have enjoyed over the last decade. I cannot stress highly enough how much I value Altera Web!”

Valarie Kaur, an award-winning filmmaker & civil rights advocate
“Thank you so much for a beautiful website. Your passion, diligence, creativity and commitment made it a joy to work with you.”

Jennifer Chow, VP of Marketing, Marketron
“Altera Web is a great web design and development company. The creativity, resources and dedication they invested in creating a compelling and effective website for our company has been truly phenomenal. I strongly recommend them to any company or individual looking to create a smart, effective and visually compelling website. Scott Hayes is a consummate professional and truly a pleasure to work with.”

Craig Sampson, Founder, TBD Innovation
“I’ve appreciated your patience, responsiveness, professionalism, and design guidance on this project. You have a nice balance of idealism and pragmatism, and a customer-focused attitude. Consider me a reference.”

Michael Fiorentino, Marketing Coordinator, x+1
“Instead of just executing requests, the Altera Web team looks at each request in the context of the whole website’s design and usability and gives us their honest recommendation – even if it isn’t something we want to hear. This approach has been extremely valuable to us and has kept the integrity of our online presence in tact.”

Mitchell Rose, VP of Marketing, Billtrust
“Altera Web has a strong understanding of marketing, both online and offline, and are very knowledgeable, not only from a technical point of view, but from a business point of view as well. Their professionalism, responsiveness and overall customer service are unparalleled in the industry.”

April Silver, Founder, AKILA Worksongs
“Altera Web is, by far, one of the best companies that I’ve ever worked with. Their high regard for customer service, their attention to detail, their results-oriented goals, and their knowledge of the field is exceptional. They are one of a kind in this field.”

Robin Anderson, Owner, Anderson Tutoring Center
Altera Web created my company’s web site from the ground up, and I could not be more pleased with the outcome and the ensuing support they provide. Their responsiveness, guidance, and customer service are unparalleled. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to build, improve, or maintain their site.

Ari Straus, COO, Monticello Motor Club
“Altera Web delivered a great site within an absurdly short deadline. Following the launch of the site, Altera Web has provided follow-up services and immediate changes, always fast and at reasonable costs.”

Nat Testa, President, Testa Advertising
“Altera Web has been my go-to company for a decade, helping integrate digital services into the overall marketing mix for many of my clients. They make solid decisions, work within set parameters, and are there when I need them. Their ability to put a professional face on many of my clients has been an integral part in their respective successes.”

Suzanne Clifton-Walsh, Director, Creative Arts
“Altera Web is a gem of a company. We couldn’t be more pleased!”

Brian Blakely, President, New Jersey Invisible Shade
“I have been trying to be a dealer for 3M for over one year and they would not give me the time of day. Then they saw my web site. I had three reps at my house for four hours. You’re the best.”