Should I Moderate Comments on my Blog?


In a word…..NO!

Nothing drives me more crazy than the following scenario:

– I see a blog post that really draws my interest.

– I read the post and all of the comments that have already been written.

– I am totally excited about what I’m reading and I can’t wait to put my two cents in and join the conversation.

– I type out a well conceived comment.

– I hit the Post Comment button ready to see my comment added to the lively conversation.

– Instead of seeing my post live, I get the dreaded “You’re comment is being held for moderation” window.

Now I can see this for Huffington Post and other sites, where they get thousands of comments per article.

But for small blogs, why would you EVER want to moderate your comments?

The idea of a blog is to voice your opinion and then open the forum to all types of feedback.

That is why you blog. To get a reaction.

You can always go back and remove the comment if need be (though I recommend against it).

Keep it open and you’ll be surprised at how many more comments you will eventually get.

What is Responsive Design?

what is responsive design

More people are accessing the internet on their mobile devices than ever before. Whether you have a website or a WordPress blog (or both), it is absolutely vital in this day and age that your site looks consistent (and fantastic) on all devices.

Responsive Design is a relatively new concept that refers to building a website so it provides the most optimal user experience on various screen sizes, devices and orientations.

Think about how important this is. You have no idea where your next potential customer is going to be viewing your site. Will he be in his office on a 21 inch monitor? Will she be laying in bed with her 10 inch tablet? Or will he be on the road with his cell phone?

No matter where they are or what device they are looking at, your site must come across consistently, professional and easy to use.

Still not clear about responsive design? View our site and all devices and you’ll get it.

Is your site optimized for all devices? If not, just give us a shout and we’ll be glad to help.