How Much Does a Website Cost to Build?

how much does a website cost

It’s a question we get here at Altera Web (a Philadelphia area web design company) all the time.

Somebody will call us or email us and simply ask “How much does a website cost to build?

It’s a valid question, because if we did not know too much about the website business, it’s one of the first things we’d ask as well.

And to that we ask (to ourselves of course)…

How much does a house cost?

How much does a car cost?

How much does a new suit cost?

How much does a loaf of bread cost?

Our point? It all depends.

Some of our competitors offer $500 websites but with lots of limitations.

This is not in your best interest. What you need is a website that will work for your business. One that will increase your traffic and bring in new customers.

In other words, you need a website that will increase your company’s value.

Otherwise, what’s the pointing of having one?