How to Make $750/hr as a Web Designer

Yes, you read that right. We recently landed a new client, worked a few hours on an emergency that they were having and received a check for $1,500.

What was my secret? Simply picking up the phone at 8:00pm.

You see, my office phone is always available to me. Altera Web is not your typical 9-5 web design shop. We work when our clients need us to work. If we have a deadline to meet, the time and day are not important. What’s important is doing the work we promised in the time that we promised it.

make money at web designI received a call recently from a local business that was having serious SSL issues on one of their client’s websites. They tried to fix it internally and could not. Desperate for help quickly, she looked online for local web design companies and found Altera Web.

She explained the issue and was willing to pay top dollar for a fix that evening. So we worked on the issue THAT NIGHT. Not the next day. Not when our schedule allowed it.

And in a few hours, we had the issue resolved. Although the client said they would pay X for the fix (much more than the $1500), I was not comfortable taking that amount and we settled at the final amount.

So now I have a happy client. And they have a happy client.

Simply because I picked up the phone when most web design companies would not.

Separate yourselves from the pack and you’ll be amazed at what can happen.