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Creating small screen solutions since 1999

Attract, Engage and Convert More Visitors with Our Web Design Services

Located in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Altera Web has been building creative, effective and profitable websites for over 20 years.

Why hire a web design company and not build it yourself

Sure, you could use Wix or Squarespace to create a website, but in most cases, it will be more efficient and cost-effective for a business to hire a professional web development company to create and maintain its website. Here are some reasons why.


We have a team of experts who have the skills and knowledge to create a professional-looking and effective website.

Save Time

Building a website takes time and effort. By hiring Altera Web, you can free up your time to focus on running your business while we handle the website development.

Improved User Experience

A professional web design company like Altera Web can create a user-friendly website that will make it easier for visitors to find what they're looking for and engage with your brand.

Increased Visibility

A well-designed website can help your business rank higher in search engines, which can lead to increased visibility and more traffic to your site.

Competitive Advantage

A professional-looking website can set your business apart from your competition and give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Better Conversion Rates

A professional web design company can create a website that not only looks great, but also has a high conversion rate, which means more visitors will become customers.

Technical Expertise

Altera Web has the technical expertise to ensure that your website is built to industry standards, is mobile-responsive, and has good load times.

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"With over 20 years in the industry, I've got the experience, knowledge and hustle to be a profitable partner for your company."


Why Altera Web

  • Expertise

    We have been creating websites since 1999 and have worked in a large number of verticals so we understand the nuances across a variety of industries.

  • Integrity

    Our goal is to help you reach yours. To that end, we will ALWAYS do what is in your best interests...not ours.

  • Focus

    Building WordPress websites for small to mid-size companies is all we do.

  • Value

    You are not simply paying for design and code. You are purchasing a solution to provide a high return on your investment.

  • Approach

    We take a personal, friendly approach to business, making it a priority to build strong, lasting relationships with each and every one our clients.

  • Location

    We are a U.S.-based company, located in down the Jersey Shore in Asbury Park.

We've built 100's of websites. For a variety of industries.

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billtrust nyc wordpress dev

For this pioneer and leader in online billing solutions, we worked closely with the Billtrust marketing team, using their innovative designs to create a WordPress site. This was the third website we created for this company over a 10 year stretch.

akila worksongs wordpress site


We created a beautiful one-page website for this communications and marketing company that services the progressive, open-minded community-at-large. AKILA WORKSONGS has been a valued and respected client for over 15 years now.

woocommerce developer nyc

Betsy's Bakery had a physical location in Pittsburgh, PA, but wanted to build an ecommerce online presence as well. We were happy to work with them, using WooCommerce as the platform of choice.

party by mozaik

party by mozaik

Based on the their desired page designs, we created an ecommerce site for Mozaik, the leader in premium plastic tableware. This was the second website created for this valuable client.

woocommerce digital downloads

loaded logo

This is a music download website, using WooCommerce along with a lot of custom coding. Each time a song was purchased, we'd create a unique 15 digit ID, which is used to prove to the artist the song was Legally Loaded.

membership website developer NYC

For Team Achieve, we built a membership/subscription site, allowing a member to create various age-based profiles and then showing content specific to the age group of the profile chosen.

trc logo

TRC Electronics is the leading franchised distributor  specializing exclusively in power supply products. We created a robust ecommerce site with 1000's of products and a heavy duty, 4-level filtering system.

woocommerce nyc

woocommerce website developer

A men's store promoting and selling only American made products, we were proud to help launch Craftmanship launch and grow their business.

suburban marble wordpress site

suburban logo

Suburban Marble & Granite imports, customizes and installs granite, quartzite, quartz, and marble countertops to the Philadelphia market. We rebuilt their website to more effectively showcase their products and services, with great results.

white label wordpress

Anderson Luba-Lucas is a boutique speakers bureau representing a select and mighty group of award-winning writers, pundits and changemakers. We created a WordPress site to not only showcase their speakers, but attract other speakers as well.

wordpress website corporate


A leading global manufacturer of innovative food packaging products and solutions, the Sabert website included a "create your own branded catalog" feature with products chosen from the website.

jk group new york city

jk logo

JK Group is the innovator in corporate philanthropic and social responsibility programs. We built a WordPress website based on their marketing company's creative designs.

white label wordpress nyc

secure pointe

Working closely with their CMO and on a tight timeline, we created this WordPress website for Secure Pointe, an international business risk consultancy practice.

limousine wordpress site

advanced logo

Advanced Limousine, a top-quality professional limo and transportation services company, had an old and outdated website that was not representative of their business nor their clientele. We brought them into modern times with a sleek and effective WordPress website. 

hwb wordpress site


A NJ-based lawyer with over forty years of experience in the field of criminal law and more than thirty years as a successful criminal trial attorney, Howard Bailey hired Altera Web to create a website that was heavily focused on content and local SEO.

A word from our clients

wordpress dev company in nyc

Here's how we can help you

  • Strategy

    All web sites have goals and all web pages have purposes. We will strategize with you to make sure we are not only building a website that represents your vision well, but one that allows you to see a positive return on your investment. The site must orient the users, engage them and make them feel that the site is worth exploring. Users who feel frustrated, or are not able to complete desired tasks on a website, report negative experiences, most often due to poor usability and weak content. Our goal is to create positive encounters every time a user visits the site.

  • Design

    Studies show that in less time it takes to blink, people make aesthetic judgments that influence the rest of their experience with a website (and therefore with the people behind the website). Once a visitor comes to the your website, our main focus will always be on encouraging exploration and leading them down a path which helps you reach your online goals. Altera Web creates websites that are focused, clean and simple. Users’ attention is a finite resource and it is our job to help them find what they want as efficiently as possible.

  • Development

    We will be using the WordPress content management system as the backbone of your website. WordPress is the most popular CMS on the market today, with over 30% of all websites being run on WordPress in 2021. And we will also be utilizing the most user-friendly premium page builder on the market, allowing you to make updates simply and quickly. Full training will be provided. And naturally, the website will be mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly as well!

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